Green Tara, beloved female Buddha of Tibet, is thought to have appeared over many centuries in countless forms around the world.

While studying at the Jung Institute in Switzerland in the 1990s, Rachael Wooten began to study the practice of the Twenty-one Taras from the tradition of Atisha. In 1996, she was initiated into the practices by her Tibetan teacher, Lodro Tulku Rinpoche. Soon afterwards she and Rinpoche translated the practices (sadhanas) from Tibetan into English.

Several years later, Rachael began leading women’s meditation groups in the U.S. using the practices. A member of one of the groups, Beth Hardin, suggested creating a set of Tara cards. Thus began an amazing journey towards the production of the Tara Cards and an accompanying book.

First Rachael and Beth created a set of black and white cards and a small explanatory booklet. These were packaged in lovely bags and sold to friends. A number of people who used the original cards reported feeling calmed and supported by them. Others commented that they felt a stronger sense of connection to Tara as a result of using the cards in their meditation practice.

Rachael began writing extensive commentaries for a book to accompany the cards. She then acquired a beautiful tanka of Tara painted on silk by Swiss Italian artist Giovanna Silvani Weidman. Finally Claudia R. Winegarden, a Ph.D. in industrlal design, became involved in the project. She used the image from the tanka and designed a gorgeous set of full-color cards.

Rachael is now working to complete the writings that will accompany these beautiful cards. You are invited to help make the production of the Tara Cards and the accompanying book a reality. Please consider making a contribution of any amount to help the project along. The Tara Cards and the book are manifestations of Tara arising out of a great web of interconnected relationships and will become a reality because of your generosity, kindness and love.

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Copyright © 2007 Rachael Wooten
Original painting by Giovannna Silvani Weidman